2016 BBER report

The Montana High Tech Business Alliance commissioned its second annual study of the high tech industry by the UM Bureau of Business and Economic Research, and found that high tech remains a key player in strengthening our state’s economy.  Last year’s study reported that this is one of the fastest growing sectors in the state and provided jobs that paid double the average state wage.  This year’s report supported that, with the following key findings:

  • Our state’s high tech industry is growing seven times faster than other sectors
  • Salaries in this sector are increasing 30% faster than those in other sectors
  • Wages in high tech are twice the average state wage
  • The industry expects to add more than 940 new jobs this year

High tech in the state is booming, and Montana is becoming known as a tech hot spot.  And this isn’t just happening in the bigger cities; towns like Dillon and Big Timber are seeing the results as high tech businesses thrive in their communities.  Along with this comes high wage jobs and opportunities for growth, allowing our kids and families to live and work here.

You can view the full BBER report here.  To stay updated on high tech in the state, visit the MHTBA website and subscribe to their emailed newsletter.