Want to get involved?

Here are some ways you can:

  1.  Stay Informed.  Knowledge truly is power.  Sign up for our email updates, where you can be kept aware of ideas and events that are putting this plan in motion.  Also, attend lectures and discussions when possible, read books and articles, listen to broadcasts, and do anything else you can to learn more about this effort.
  2. Encourage people wanting to join high-paying fields.  Perhaps your child is interested in a high-tech career – encourage him to study computer science in college.  Maybe you have a neighbor wanting to learn a trade –  encourage her to learn a trade that will help grow our manufacturing sector, like welding or CNC operations. You can also contact your local university to ask about programs or events they may be having that build skills and awareness of high-paying careers.
  3. Start a business.  If you’ve been considering creating a high-paying business in Montana, take the steps to make it happen.
  4. Give your kids the best education you can.  A well-educated future generation is vital to growing and sustaining Montana’s economy.  Do the research to determine how and where to best educate your child.  For information on scholarships you may be eligible for, visit www.acescholarships.org.
  5. Join the Montana High-Tech Business Alliance.  If you are in the high-tech field, join the statewide alliance to help grow the high-tech businesses and industries in Montana.
  6. Volunteer your time to mentor.  New entrepreneurs are eager for help and advice.  If you are a successful business owner, offer your time and expertise to those who could use it.
  7. Spread the word.  Talk to your friends, brothers, and sisters about returning to Montana and bringing their job with them so they can telecommute.
  8. Bring it home.  If you grew up in a small Montana town, consider moving back and utilizing the internet to create opportunities for others.
  9. Contact us.  Our goal is to create high-paying jobs for Montanans by developing and and supporting high-tech industries.  If you are already doing something toward this end, let us know and we can add your information to this site.  If you have ideas for other things we can do, let us know that too.  Just email us.