This week Rocky Mountain College joined us in our venture to Bring Our Families Back!  Through them we mailed our telecommuting guides to thousands of their graduates who have moved out of state, opening the door for more opportunities to get Montanans back home to work.

The guide was produced in collaboration with Better Montana Jobs, the Montana Chamber of Commerce, the Montana High Tech Alliance, Mitchell’s Garage, and as a means of promoting telecommuting to friends and families who have had to leave the state for work.  Telecommuting offers a way to both bring back our loved ones to work in-state, and boost the local economies that host telecommuters by bringing more income dollars to their areas.  Returning families buy homes, creating construction jobs; enroll their kids in schools, boosting school funding; and otherwise invigorate our local economies.  Montana State University has already helped us share the guide with over 15,000 of their alum who have moved out of state, and we’re thrilled to have Rocky join us as well.  Together we can make Montana’s economy stronger for our families and communities.

Many people who have moved away want to return, and now they can use telecommuting to return home and bring a job with them.  Use the telecommuting guide to invite your family and friends to return to Montana, and let’s bring our families back together.