According to this article released last week by Recruiter, Montana is #1 for telecommuting!  Of all the 50 states and Washington DC, we have the highest percentage of full-time telecommuters in our workforce, and for those of us who live here it is no surprise.  Who wouldn’t want to live and work in the best place?

Still, it’s exciting to see how popular telecommuting has become in the Treasure state.  It appears that our Come Home To Montana initiative is working, too – we have moved up from being 4th in 2013.  A shout out to all our state’s telecommuters who have shown us that this is not only possible, but much more doable than you might think.  Telecommuting is one more way we can put our families back together by letting our kids work in Montana, plus it brings high-wage jobs to those communities.  Continue to encourage your friends and family who have moved out of state to come home to Montana, and bring their jobs with them!