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In case you haven’t heard, there are even more opportunities now for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Montana!  I’m thrilled to announce $100,000 of additional support for Bootstrap Montana from the Gianforte Family Foundation and friends and alumni of Montana State University’s colleges of business and engineering.

These funds will be used to provide interest-free loans to qualifying entrepreneurs and small businesses in Montana.

This is another round of what has already proven to be a highly-successful program.  The Gianforte Family Foundation initially funded the MSU program in 2007, and since then the program has given around 30 loans, generating Montana success stories that include Bear Mountain Designs, Foundant Technologies, and Roughstock Distillery, to name a few.

With each success story, we get to witness growth that results in new jobs in Montana, and a stronger economy as a result.  Plus, applications for loans are reviewed by MSU students and faculty, providing great hands-on experience for the students and encouragement for them to start their own ventures.

In Bootstrap Montana, we’ve built a model that works to create jobs and opportunities.  With this additional support and the next round of applications, we’ll see the program and local economies continue to grow for the future, strengthening our economy and our state.