Check out this recent article from NBC Montana about the high tech industry in Montana!  It’s great to see that things are continuing to expand here.

The high tech industry is a great pathway to create high-wage jobs in all of Montana (and move us up from nearly last in the nation in average salaries).  The internet really does remove geography as a constraint.

Plus, the benefits reach far beyond the tech crowd, both to the other non-technical employees of the business (i.e. sales, marketing, admin… these are actually the majority of employees in most tech companies) and to the surrounding community whose businesses receive income from these high-wage earners (like construction workers who build their new homes, local schools where they enroll their kids, and stores and restaurants where they make purchases).

Whether you start a high-tech company, expand an existing one, or telecommute from Montana with a national firm, you are creating more income for your family and community, and opening doors for future workers in the industry to not have to leave the state to find a good job.  High tech is making Montana’s economy more diversified and robust, and providing more opportunities for our family and friends to find good jobs, right here in Montana.