Public schools have served Montanans for years, and they are filled with caring, hardworking teachers and administrators.  But education is not a one size fits all concept.  In some cases, a student needs a different school setting to achieve their full potential. Yet finances are often the prohibiting factor in parents being able to send their child to a school that would be the best fit for them.  That’s where ACE Scholarships Montana comes in.

The program provides financial assistance to K-12 students of qualifying families who want to have a choice in where their children attend school, and to date it has provided over $4,800,000 in scholarships to Montana students.

This fall marks the beginning of ACE Montana’s fourth year, with 750 Montana youth receiving scholarships this year at 56 partner schools around the state.  That’s 750 students who are able to attend a school that better meets their needs, setting them up for success in their school years and beyond.

Tabitha was one such student.  She was bullied through the first two years of high school, to the point where she was in danger of dropping out.  She lived with her single mother on a very tight income and was, as she put it, “the perfect target.”  She ended up receiving an ACE scholarship and was able to attend a small private school that made a world of difference, and now she is at college, studying petroleum engineering.

With these scholarships, we are seeing hundreds of Montana students succeeding in school where they might otherwise be struggling, and as these students graduate they are better equipped for college or the workforce.  They are more confident and prepared to support themselves and their families, and contribute to their communities.

One type of education is not right for every child.  Our goal must be to help every child reach their full potential.  ACE Scholarships are truly making a difference in our state by providing opportunities for students to attend a school that is the best fit for them.  To learn more about them, including how you can help support them, visit their website.